About us

Today our manufacture was stopped by the war Russia started against Ukraine, but we want to tell you our story and to show you what clothes we were making before the war.

Our brand was formed in 2015 from a spontaneous idea, courage to say "Why not?" and the first comment on Nata Smirina's page "I want it for myself!"

Nata Smirina, founder of Hochusobitake

"While we were selling already existing clothes, like many girls, we also tried to independently sew for ourselves, dreaming to sell our clothes. We sew sweatshirts and dresses-sweatshirts in common, sales went not so good, but we did not lower our hands. It was late autumn, andmy business partner Alina was looking for a blanket coat. I absolutely did not like everything that could be bought in Kharkiv, and the obvious decision was to realize a dream about a perfect coat with our own hands."

Nata and Ilya, heads of Hochusobitake

Hochusobitake clothing is created by a team of those who love to be different, natural and who love self-expression. Each of them controls its process: development of the model, sewing, selection of size, ordering, and the ident of its packaging.

Unfortunately today our work and all manufactures were paralyzed by WAR that came to our beautiful country caused by Russian aggression. Now we just can’t produce our garments.

But we still want to save our team and help our Ukrainian army to win this battle. That’s why we came up with an idea to sell concepts of t-shirts that we will definitely produce and ship to you after this war ends!

The biggest part of the income will be sent to the funds helping Ukrainian army.

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