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Dress "Ray"

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Cloth with a unique history of creation.

We cannot stand aside from the war in our country.

Yellow stripe on the black stands for a promise of light and hope for victory, that will happen without any doubt because light always wins the darkness.


As for the characteristics of the dress itself, it is knitted from the 100% cotton, so it doesn’t wrinkle, it “breathes”, doesn’t steam when it’s hot, but is warm in the cold.  The dress stretches well, but doesn’t loose it’s form.

Very easy to care for - wash in water up to 40 degrees, manual or delicate washing mode.  Soft and delicate detergents without aggressive chemicals.

It is not advisable to twist, just gently squeeze.

It is better to leave it to dry in a horizontal position.

Store folded, not on a hanger.


Size X-S
The length of the dress is 115 cm
Bust 64 cm
Hip half girth 32 cm
The length of the sleeve is 62 cm

Size M-L
The length of the dress is 117 cm
Bust 74 cm
Hip half girth 37 cm
The length of the sleeve is 68 cm