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Gerdan "Lace"

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Traditional Ukrainian women's neck jewelry made by hand from Czech beads.

It takes about 10-15 hours of hand work to create one necklace. It is exclusively handmade and each product is unique.


Length 29 cm
Width 4.3 cm

Length 28 cm
Width 3 cm


The neck of the model is 30.3 cm



Recommendations for care:
⁃ do not drop or wet the jewelry
⁃ prevent the ingress of chemicals (perfume, alcohol, etc.)
⁃ Do not expose the jewelry to direct sunlight and excessive heat
⁃ put on the jewelry last to avoid damaging it
⁃ store in a dry, dark place
⁃ if necessary, you can wipe the product with a dry soft cloth
⁃ in case of light contamination (dust, lint), you can use a roller to clean your clothes.

Warranty period - 1 month
*Each case will be considered individually and the conclusion on the repair of the jewelry will be announced after the master's inspection.