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Gerdan red

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We wanted to create jewelry that would be laconic, bright yet with a strong Ukrainian spirit. So we chose an eight-pointed star as the basis of the ornament for it, which is often used in embroidery on embroidered Ukrainian shirts.


The eight-pointed star in geometric patterns is always the central dominant - as the maternal female essence is the basis of the origin of all life in the world.

Being also a sign of spiritual rebirth, it symbolizes the path of the soul in the process of human life on earth. 

At the same time, these stars mean the penetration of Spirit into Matter, personify the harmony between the spiritual world and the material world, symbolizing the embodiment of God's plan on Earth.


The eight-pointed star symbolizes the beginning of all life on Earth and Nature itself.


The master spends about 6-7 hours on one item.

Czech beads are used.