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«Resilience» cuffs set

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The term "resilience" comes from the Latin word "resilire", which means "to bounce back", "to return to form". In psychology, resilience refers to a person's ability to successfully cope with stress, difficulties, negative events or even traumatic situations and return to a state of psychological balance. 

We wanted our jewelry to remind us of this quality with its flexibility and unusual shape. 


We chose silver as the main material, but if you wish, you can order these models in gold plating ( Pre order )

It is exclusively handmade and each product is unique.

Both earrings can be customized and placed on your ear to find the most comfortable position; they can be worn together or separately; you can also add pendants and combine them with your own earrings.


«Resilience» cuff M (Master): 
Length of the cuff - 7 cm
Weight - 8.55 g


«Resilience» cuff S (Student): 
Length of the cuff - 4 cm
Weight - 3.37 g


Resilience is our ability to get out of a difficult situation and become the best version of ourselves, to shine even brighter. We believe in your radiance because we see it every day!

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