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"Trident" black T-shirt

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From the sale of these T-shirts, we will donate 10% to the UAID charitable foundation ( 


Trident, or "Trident" is the Ukrainian national coat of arms, the sign comes from the trident seal of Vladimir, the first Grand Duke of Kyiv. This version of the UA Trident consists of four letters that together form the word "VOLIA" (pronounced "will"), which means "freedom".


In order for the fabric to retain its unique properties, it is recommended to wash at a temperature not exceeding 30-40C on a delicate cycle.

Length - 63 cm
Width - 57 cm
Sleeve length - 20 cm
Sleeve width - 19 cm

Length - 76 cm
Width - 59 cm
Sleeve length - 24 cm
Sleeve width - 23 cm